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Daryl Calfee " I know its creepy, but its worth it!! "

Hey gang! Here is the deal...Im growing out my mustache for the 1st time ever this November with a bunch of great fellas from our community and Moore & Giles to help the kids of Lynchburg.

We are going to raise some serious money for three great local charities: Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters and CASA. All of the money goes directly to them and each of these groups is super local, serving the kids in our town who need it most!

Donate for 2 reasons:
1) For a Laugh - to watch me grow this creepy crawler and laugh along with me.
2) For Johanna - because I am not shaving it off until I reach my goal!

*Note - I may need some one to take the kids to school. Not sure they are going to let me in the doors soon with this 'stache!

Thanks gang! Love you guys!


Bert Reynolds - here I come! I may need to rethink this commitment to facial hair...