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Mike Simmons " Its for the kids!!! "
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Stache Week 1
Stache Week 1
Over the past several years, I have embraced the no shave November philosophy.  It wasn't until I saw a friend with an atrocious mustache in the month of November.  Being the good friend that I am, I felt I had to tell him that a mustache was not a good look for him.  He laughed and told me about this charity...M4KLynchburg.org.  It turns out that I can raise money for a good cause while I practice my "No Shave" November.  This is my first year and I have to say, "I look more ridiculous that my friend with a mustache."  Help me feel better about my new (temporary) look by donating to the cause.  It is tax-deductible and all of the proceeds go to local children's charities.  Thanks for your support and I hope you'll check in during this month to see just how goofy I look with a stache.

Google the Following charities for more information:
Lynchburg Girls and Boys Club
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Virginia
C.A.S.A. of Central Virginia


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Alan Biggio Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 11/19/2016
"Well done, Mike! "
Anonymous Date Received: 11/16/2016
"Awesome work Mike!"
Anonymous Amount: $ 11 Date Received: 11/15/2016
"Looks like Freddie."
Anonymous Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 11/15/2016
"Moustaches are cool....keep it."
Carrie Lorimer Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 11/12/2016
"Awesome! Way to go! I hope you raise a whole lot of moolah for the kiddos. 👍🏻"