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Brian Weigand's Page
Goal: $1000
Goal: $1000

I am so excited to be helping out a great organization in M4K again - but this year I have a different ask for donors.  As much fun as it is to climb the leaderboard ... this year I ask you NOT to donate to me!  You see our "kids" here at James River Media (WLNI and HOME Magazine) want to get in on the action this year ... so we are doing everything we can to help them out.  And once you hear the lengths they are willing to go to ... you will want to help get them to their goals as well!

Both Anthony "Biscuit" McAvoy and Drew Gentry have set very ambitious goals for themselves ($15,000 each) but the payoff could be huge.  Because if they hit their goal - it will enhance the great party that ends the campaign even more!  

This year - at the 'Stache Bash - "The Biscuit" will have a tramp stamp permanently tattoed on his lower back in honor of M4K.  Help make this happen by donating to him at:


Anthony's Link ????: https://m4klynchburg.org/donate-to-a-grower/anthonymcavoy 


And not to be outdone, we helped Drew up his game if he also can hit the goal.  Drew has agreed (reluctantly) to get a full body waxing ... minus above the neck and the bikini area ... live at the 'Stache Bash!  So please send some love (and money!) his way if you want to see and hear that happen!


Drew's Link ????: https://m4klynchburg.org/donate-to-a-grower/drewgentry


So please give 'til it hurts ... our kids ... for their kids!  #M4K

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