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Ken Arthur " Football, gunpowder and facial hair..November may well be the manliest of months. "
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Were this "neck-beard" November, I could bring so much more to the table... 

I am proud to support CASA of Lynchburg and appreciate donations of any size for the incredible difference they make in children's lives in our community.  Thank-you for your consideration.

With the World Series underway, I thought it appropriate to recognize one of the best staches in baseball history...


Today's quote of the day from my wife...upon viewing one of the best staches in baseball history.

"Don't even think about it"....Debbie Arthur


I've learned that my mustache is proof that some things have to get worse before they get better.   Thank-you to all who have contributed and I hope you enjoy observing my facial growth as much as my family and friends around the office..lol.

Also, congratulations are in order...for the Houston Astros, who won their first World Series title ever!  For all of you Astros fans out there, this has been a long time coming:)  

Very good stuff....and even better, check out this video about the great things George Springer (Astros World Series MVP) is doing to inspire children and adults alike.



Two and half weeks and things are taking shape..lol.  Wilford Brimley, here we come.

"I just grew the hair on my back.  Facial hair just wasn't appealing to me.  I liked it on my back, though"

                                                   - Bob Ueker


Today's quote of the week from my boss: 

"Shave?  What do you mean, shave?  It's just now finally starting to look like something!"     

                                                                    -    Jeb Burton

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"Best brother ever! Thanks Ken!"
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"I think your wife secretly wants you to look like Rollie!"
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