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The bag design is called The Carryall. This leather is a limited edition gold patterned hair on hide (not carried in our regular bag line)
Here is the description from the website for the Carryall:
 10.5"L x 12.75"H x 4.5"W -- Top Width 12"

 9” shoulder drop and when the bag slouches this measurement increases. The 9" is from strap to top of bag.

Your bag is proudly made in Lynchburg, Virginia using the finest materials in the world.
This Carryall is uniquely yours, it's made from the finest Italian leather, no two hide hair bags are alike.
The leather straps are made out of Vegetable Tanned Leather which is crafted from Tuscan shoulder hides. They are tanned by ancient hand-processing techniques using vegetable extracts. Over time the leather will burnish beautifully; its developing richness will continue to darken with sun exposure and use.

Please do not wear against dark color denim. The Indigo that is used to create those inky, dark denim jeans that you love, is notorious for bleeding (e.g. transferring off and getting on other stuff). It can be really frustrating to find that your very favorite pair of jeans has stained your white furniture, new MEANWHILE BAG and even your skin. 

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