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Joe Marshall " First time grower, lifelong critic "
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The start of something creepy
The start of something creepy
Week 1:  Shaved my beard, and I anticipate the hair that will soon be awkwardly stretching across my upper lip...  If you're reading this, and you're concerned for all of the anxious glances I'll be getting from parents when I take my kids to the playground, please consider donating.  Thanks!
Week 2 (I promise...)
Week 2 (I promise...)
Week 2: So there's really not a lot to see here yet...  No, I haven't accidentally shaved it off...  Apparently, I grow facial hair at approximately the rate of a pre-pubescent teenager... Hoping to have enough to even look creepy before the end of this thing...
Week 3: I think I overestimated how fast my mustache was growing in the last post...  Maybe it just got tired and stopped?  At this rate, I'm just hoping to have something to show by the end of the month... we'll see...  Anyway, (and more importantly) thank you to those who have donated so far, and please continue to give!

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